Cancellations & Returns


  • You have up to 7 days to request a return. 
  • Items must be unused and packaged as received.
  • Original packaging must be intact and in good condition.
  • Changed your mind? It's no problem, however, delivery fees are none refundable.
  • Faulty/ Damaged items must be reported within 24 hours from delivery. You can send us a message with a brief description of any issues using the contact us link at the bottom of this form. If your report is accepted we will then offer a repair or replacement.
  • If your order qualified for free delivery, after returning your order any actual delivery costs will be deducted from your refund, a fee will be charged for each delivery or return delivery made. This includes orders in which the order value no longer meets the free delivery quota after returning any items. 


What's excluded


  • We do not accept returns for incorrect colour items. All images are for illustration only as the colour will look lighter or darker from one device to another. If purchasing to match existing furniture contact us prior to purchase as we are not able to accept returns for incorrect or colour not as expected.
  • Items that do not fit are also excluded from our returns policy, always check dimensions prior to purchase. Please do note that our products are handmade therefore any stated dimensions may differ up to 20-30mm sometimes more. If in doubt contact us prior to purchase as we do not accept returns due to items not fitting.
  • Under no circumstances are we able to accept returns for items which do not have all original packaging as received, goods and packaging must be in as new, and good resalable condition. Items returned with anything other than original packaging will be rejected, this includes (A) items where the packaging has been torn apart (B) items that have been resealed using anything other than Sellotape. Important. Do not use gaffe tape or other similar heavy-duty tapes as they are impossible to remove without destroying the packing. Always use scissors to open taped areas of packaging taking care to not damage the packaging. Returns not following these guidelines will be rejected, items returned in such condition will be rejected and you will need to arrange for items to be collected from the return address. If such items are not collected within 7 days these items will be disposed of accordingly to avoid storage costs.