Ganga Sheesham Large Dining Table With Chairs 90x175cm


This Ganga Sheesham Large Dining Table With Chairs is a beautiful piece of furniture that would be perfect for hosting your next get together or dinner party. It’s made from solid Indian sheesham rosewood and is built to withstand heavy daily use. The table also has turned legs and jali ironwork detail, adding a touch of traditional elegance and charm. It can seat up to six people comfortably or even up to eight people at a slight squeeze with one additional chair at each end of the table. Due to the durable materials used this table will also suit heavy usage areas which makes it ideal Furniture For Pubs, hotels and restaurants.

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Ganga Sheesham Wood Large Dining Table 90x175cm £459.95

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Ganga Range Sheesham Rawat Dining Chairs 46x45x99cm £197.95

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